Developers of the human scale

Minimising environmental impact maximising wellbeing

Our times ask for a conscious and sustainable approach to building. Making use of existing buildings and materials and connecting people with each other and their environment. Instead of ‘more and bigger’ we need a return to the basics, to be locally relevant. This approach is better for humans and the environment.

For over a decade GPS has been giving buildings in Amsterdam a new future and equips them for our modern times. We do this with maximum attention to people and the environment while respecting the architectural qualities of the building. Social interaction and connection with the environment are always central to our design.

We are developers of the human scale.

What we do:

We create spaces designed with a human scale that fulfil super-urban needs.

We give old buildings with deferred maintenance a new life, a new purpose. One that suits our modern times in terms of function, use and architectural quality. This way unused empty-, often special objects, are prepared for the future in a sustainable way.

We cultivate environments where people can feel good. Spaces that live up to modern requirements. Where you can live, work and relax in unique buildings within “de ring” of Amsterdam.

Our way of building


We focus on unique objects, restoring the urban tissue they are part of, respecting the architectural qualities of the building. These buildings offer variety in terms of types of houses, inhabitants and functions.


We make use of existing buildings and materials as much as possible. We build circular and optimise the entire building process resulting in a minimal impact to the environment.


We build according to the demands of modern times. This implies energy neutral, omitting gas, attention to insulation, use of water pumps, green roofs etc. We also pursue social sustainability, in both our end users as well as the parties we collaborate with. We enjoy building long term relationships with our fullest attention and care.


We develop human- and environment centred spaces. This means we create liveable areas that are rooted in- and connected with the existing surroundings and that inspire social interactions such as meeting areas and community parks.


Our Love for architecture, and the joy of our jobs and the interactions with the people we meet along the way, are the driving forces of GPS.

Our way of working

Our team consists of permanent partners supported by experts.

We stand for commitment, quality, care and personal attention even after our projects have been delivered. Management is your direct point of contact during the entire process.

Inhabitants of neighbouring buildings are crucial in the process of determining the end use of our projects. We do our utmost to come to common solutions in an open, transparent and solution-oriented way. This is not the easiest course to take, but it is our way of working.

Inspiration, wellbeing, interaction

Our work spaces are creative labs where interaction emerges. Next to all of the work facilities are spaces for organic encounters and relaxation.

Our houses are known for their social sustainability and pluralism. This variety in functions; living, working, recreating, and the diversity in the type of houses and their inhabitants, create a connective social tissue.

“In the last 50 years, architects have forgotten what a good human scale is.”

– Jan Gehl


Our roots

GPS’s roots lie in realising large scale multifunctional urban development in the Randstad area and especially in-and-around Amsterdam. A changing society called for a different approach and a more conscious way of developing in which the human scale became our leading measurement.


Stefan Sanders